Will Bedford

Will Bedford

Orchestral / Electronic

Will Bedford is a UK based composer, who specialises in orchestral and electronic music for video games and film. Since 2013, Will has composed exceptional soundtracks for indie video game titles, including Kyn, TinyKeep, the upcoming Sublevel Zero, among others.

One of Will’s key strengths is his ability to create incredibly realistic orchestral music using only software tools - an essential skill when a short time-frame or limited budget is a concern.

Will’s passion for music and audio also extends to technology and programming, which has, in turn, led him to study a BA(Hons) degree in Music Technology at the University of Huddersfield. Being experienced with C++, C#, MaxMsp and KSP, Will has developed several audio plugins for Ableton Live and Kontakt.

Will’s broad range of creative and technical expertise has proven essential for implementing dynamic music systems in games, using his own C# engine for Unity, as well as middleware tools like FMOD.


  • Kyn (Music)
    Developer: Tangrin Entertainment
  • TinyKeep (Music)
    Developer: Phigames
  • Sublevel Zero (Music)
    Developer: Sigtrap Games