Two Feathers Studio

Two Feathers Studio

Orchestral / Electronic / Rock / Metal / Sound Design

Two Feathers is a composer-duo consisting of Elvira Björkman and Nicklas Hjertberg, based in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. They have worked with numerous well-known projects, such as Angry Birds: Under Pigstruction, Hammerwatch, Twin Souls: The Path of Shadow, Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free among others. They started in late 2012 as a company specific for freelancing music and sound-design to various game-projects, and today have their own studio in the heart of Stockholm.

Elvira and Nicklas met while playing in the metal-band Overworld and have, since then, combined their passion for games and music to create beautiful soundscapes. Praised for their music in the successful indie-title Hammerwatch, with over 800,000 sold copies, they laid the foundation of what Two Feathers is today.

Two Feather‘s vision is to always create music that is remembered for it’s strong leading melodies and beautiful arrangements. They feel that finding the unique touch for each game is of extreme importance, as well as making the music well integrated with the game on both a technical and emotional level.


  • Twin Souls: The Path of Shadow (Music and Sound Design)
    Developer: Lince Works
  • Angry Birds: Under Pigstruction (Music and Sound Design)
    Developer: Rovio Entertainment
  • Hammerwatch (Music)
    Developer: Crackshell
  • Battlefield Heroes (Sound Design)
    Developer: EA Digitial Illusions CE
  • Battlefield Play4Free (Sound Design)
    Developer: EA Digitial Illusions CE