Justin Cavenagh

Justin Cavenagh

Orchestral / Electronic

Working out of his studio in Melbourne, Australia, Composer Justin Cavenagh follows his passion: helping developers bring the soul of their game to life. With a musical upbringing that spans everything from punk to classical, Justin has cultivated a love for memorable melodies, and takes great pride in incorporating this quality into his writing.

Always expanding his horizons, Justin has worked on 20+ titles in a variety of mediums, ranging from games to TV programs and even his first feature film role. Recent credits include Wander, Broadside and The Cosmos Is Mine.

Ensuring he is always on the same page as his clientele, Justin is a game enthusiast and people person, always open to hearty conversation both inside the studio and out.


  • The Cosmos Is Mine! (Music)
    Developer: PlayCorp Studios
  • Wander (Sound Design)
    Developer: Wander MMO
  • Broadside (Music)
    Developer: Duct Tape Games
  • Little Witch Story (Music)
    Developer: Snow McNally