Felix Zirwes

Felix Zirwes

Sound Designer

Based in Germany, Felix has gained lots of work experience as a sound designer and audio implementor within international teams both on site and remotely. Felix started as an audio engineer recording and mixing music in local studios but his focus was slowly shifting towards the games industry. While he was working then in the trenches of QA at and for companies like Electronic Arts, Crytek and Deep Silver, Felix was gaining first hands on experience as a sound designer on indie games in his spare time. After three years it was time for a leap of faith and Felix started freelancing full-time as an audio contractor and he never looked back since then. In his projects his tasks included not only creating sound effects, but also taking care of the implementation of the audio, editing and mastering music and voice overs, testing and mixing audio content, defining the general creative direction of the audio and setting up work flows and technical requirements with other departments and additional audio contributors.


  • Divinity: Original Sin (SFX)
    Developer: Larian Studios
  • Divinity: Dragon Commander (SFX)
    Developer: Larian Studios
  • Q.U.B.E. (SFX)
    Developer: Toxic Games


Divinity: Dragon Commander

Divinity: Original Sin