Christopher Larkin

Christopher Larkin

Orchestral / Electronic / Acoustic

Christopher Larkin is an award winning composer and sound designer for games, film and TV. His output includes work for clients such as Madman Entertainment, ABC, Clemenger BBDO and Mitsubishi. Awards include Best Composition at the South Australian Screen Awards, official selections at the Sibelius Composer Awards and the APRA Music Awards, and a nomination for Best Audio at Freeplay Awards.

One of Chris’ main goals is to maintain a classically-educated approach to music composition and sound design, whilst using his knowledge of current technology to produce a vast range of musical styles and soundscapes. Christopher has always had a love for games and game music.

In his early teen years, Chris composed music for his own Game Maker games on a MIDI tracker. Now, he continues his love for the art form through working with talented game designers and programmers, providing tailored composition and sound design for various projects. He is currently completing the score for indie title “Expand”, which received a PAX AUS showcase and nomination for Best Audio at Freeplay.

Chris takes pride in tailoring his palette of sounds per project. This involves the recording and sampling of live instruments, designing new synth and sampler patches, recording foley and designing sound effects. This also results in his ever-growing library of custom-made samples, virtual instruments, and sound effects which he continues to draw and build upon.


  • Expand (Music)
    Developer: Chris Johnson and Chris Larkin
  • Double Happy vs The Infinite Sadness (Music)
    Developer: 2xCubed
  • Hollow Knight (Music and Sound Design)
    Developer: Team Cherry