Chris O’Neill

Chris O’Neill

Orchestral / Electronic / Vocalist / Acoustic

Chris O’Neill is a Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and award winning singer/songwriter. Chris completed his tertiary study (Bachelor of Applied Music: Composition) at Box Hill Institute in 2009, graduating top of his class. Upon completion, he was the sole recipient of both an Academic Excellence award and the Ken Barker scholarship. To make matters more challenging, during his final year of study Chris was also composing for a 13 episode documentary, later released internationally.

Since completing his study, Chris has been involved in 40+ music/audio projects, written and released two solo CD’s, toured the east coast, and played with some of the nation’s most reputable acts, including Ian Moss (Cold Chisel), Mark Seymour (Hunters and Collectors) and Matt Corby.

Chris has written for everything from TV and film, to iPhone apps, multi-platform games, and a variety of web-series projects. He has orchestration and additional production credits on numerous Australian CDs, has had work commissioned from Melbourne Arts Council, and even co-wrote a stage show that completed its third season late last year. Chris is an incredibly passionate and versatile musician, a coffee fiend and a HUGE PC gaming nerd.


  • Wander (Sound Design)
    Developer: Wander MMO
  • Blast Points (Music)
    Developer: Pub Games
  • InFlux (Sound Design)
    Developer Impromptu Games
  • Primal Carnage (Voice Acting/Audio Production)
    Developer: Pub Games
  • Tiberian Sun Rising (C&C Mod) (Music)
    Developer: David Thompson