Benjamin Briggs

Benjamin Briggs

Electronic / Chip

Ben Briggs is a self-made musician who has been producing, composing and remixing music consistently throughout the last decade. With a strong focus on electronic production, Ben fuses chiptunes with modern soundscapes, paying tribute to classic video games and pushing the boundaries of electronic genre mash-ups - all traits of Ben‘s signature sound. Ben Briggs is not only a producer of music, he is also a live performing artist; amassing a large, ever-growing following of fans after performing onstage at MAGFest 11 and 12. Ben releases music every month through his Patreon project:, and streams live on Twitch: You can find Ben’s many original video game soundtracks and remixes here:


  • Star Clash (Music and SFX)
    Developer: Jonathan Powell
  • Rockabilly Beatdown (Music)
    Developer: Rumblecade